How Cheese is Made

Who would have thought that cheese was made up of so much artisanry, knowledge, commitment and love?

Process 1. Culturing

Ingredients are heated to promote growth of the bacteria. Starter cultures are chosen to give a cheese its specific characteristics.

Process 2. Curdling

Curdling is the separation of the liquids (whey) from the solids (curds) throught the addition of the fermenting agent.

Process 3. Draining

This process if to eliminate the whey (liquid) from the curd (solid). Proper draining is vital to attain the correct moisture content in
the cheese.

Process 4. Pressing

Some soft cheeses won’t need to be pressed with any weight, but harder cheese must be pressed over time to make it even drier.

Process 5. Aging

The final step is to age the cheese over time in a climate-controlled space. Aging allows the bacteria to produce more flavour and for a natural rind to develop.