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We're a small country with huge flavour that we love sharing with the world.

A taste of Switzerland

What’s so special about our cheeses?

Our goal at Switzerland Cheeses is simple: produce quality, mouthwatering cheese while helping to preserve the beauty and integrity of our country’s gorgeous grassland, pastures, rolling hills, admirable mountains and endless fields.

By making natural and healthy cheeses from Switzerland a part of your menu, you’re opening up a culinary portal to experience the most delicious dairy available while supporting one of the most naturally beautiful places on the planet in an industry that is committed to sustainable village dairy and farming practices.

A history to be proud of and a future to lead

Switzerland’s farms and factories value natural, sustainable and humane cattle-farming practices. There’s a proud legacy in village dairy and those refined and historical methods ultimately result in the high quality and delicious tasting cheeses that reach your taste buds.

Since 2005, the Swiss Government has taken a proactive approach to becoming a GMO-free region. We pride ourselves on producing healthy cheeses and we believe the best foods are made under the most sustainable and chemical-free practices. The people of Switzerland repeatedly vote to extend the country’s GMO-Free standards in order to ensure the highest-quality foods.

Our grass-fed cows are traditionally grazed on the Swiss mountainside and throughout our pristine pastures and most Swiss cheeses are produced from unpasteurized milk under strict health and safety guidelines. This natural method of dairy cow farming is what gives cheeses from Switzerland their rich, nutty, buttery taste.

Over the years, Swiss people have worked with the distinct regions of the country to create unique cheeses. Almost each village in Switzerland has its own village dairy—and there are over 600 villages in Switzerland! However, only 25% of Switzerland’s surface is suitable for intensive cultivation. The rest of the country is covered with mountains, pastures, and grassland where dairy production holds a prominent place.

Swiss dairy cows are healthy, large in numbers and naturally fed to ensure pure, healthy milk for our cheeses. Because of Swiss standards and regulations in dairy production, ensilage (grass that is compacted and stored for later consumption) is not permitted. Obviously, quality comes before quantity and the cows are also the natural gardeners of the Swiss farming landscape. They ensure the survival of the mountain agriculture while attracting an eager tourist population.

In fact, Swiss farmers have always worked in harmony with nature. And thankfully so, with almost 600,000 cows producing over 3.5 million tons of milk every year—and 40% of that milk is turned into Emmentaler AOP, Le Gruyère AOP and all of Switzerland’s other delicious cheeses.

Swiss people enthusiastically preserve the country’s natural beauty while supporting the rural family farming structure and the many pastures and meadows couldn’t be maintained without a thriving and sustainable dairy economy.

Healthy, scrumptious and … did we mention yummy?

Our Swiss cheeses are abundant in taste, but they’re also healthy! Essential Omega-3 fatty acids and calcium are packed in all Swiss cheeses. And while all good things should be enjoyed in moderation, one of our favourite parts about Switzerland’s cheeses is that we can stand behind clean dairy practices that result in a high quality, protein-rich dairy products.

There are a million ways to enjoy Switzerland cheeses as part of your diet! For meal ideas and more information, check out some of our favourite recipes, sign up for our email newsletter or simply learn more about Switzerland’s many kinds of cheese!

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