Our Cheese

The grainy cheese with the lively,
spicy taste from Central Switzerland!

Non GMO, lactose free and gluten free.

This full-flavoured grainy cheese is a delicious treat for those who appreciate the good things in life. Sbrinz has a magnificent flavour hidden beneath its hard, golden-yellow rind.

This completely natural cheese is composed of raw milk, rennet and salt. A minimum of 18 months of maturing is needed for Sbrinz to get its aromatic and spicy taste, but what makes it so very versatile is that Sbrinz’s flavour deepens the older it gets. By 18 months, the cheese is ready for slicing and saving into rolls. When it’s matured for two years or more, Sbrinz becomes fuller in flavour. Grated over pasta or other foods, this beautiful cheese adds a finishing touch to any meal—it’s often even preferred over Parmesan!

Sbrinz in a Variety of Foods

Sbrinz melts without separating and it’s a favourite of foodies looking for a vibrant accompaniment to pasta dishes and cheese plates alike. Easily grated over food or served in blocks, the aromatic spicy notes of Sbrinz will stand out on a cheese plate as a unique selection.

Nutritional Value
  • Water 31.5 g
  • Protein 30 g
  • Milk Fat 33 g
  • Minerals 5.5 g
  • Joules 1730 kJ
  • Calories 421 kCal

How Sbrinz is Made

Sbrinz is only produced in a handful of dairies in central Switzerland, and only with local, grass-fed cow’s milk. One 45 kg wheel of Sbrinz wheel requires over 600 litres of fresh, raw milk. Each day, the milk is delivered to the cheese dairies, quality-tested, poured into vats and heated up while continuously being stirred.

Rennet is then added to the hot milk and the mixture stands before the mass is cut into equally sized particles by means of a cheese harp—a procedure that separates the whey from the cheese mass. The cheese is then poured into a mould, turned several times and pressed until no more whey drains off. #EatSwitzCheese