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Kaltbach Cave-Aged Le Gruyère AOP 101

Non GMO, lactose free and gluten free.

This fruity and tangy Le Gruyère is aged in a maze of sandstone caves in the Kaltbach (Lucerne) region of Switzerland for upwards of a year before it’s ready—at least nine months in the caves and three in the cheese dairy. Made from grass-fed, unpasteurized cow’s milk, this nutty and rich cheese is one of Switzerland’s finest. Tourists flock to the sandstone caves in the Kaltbach region to see where this aged cheese develops its unique taste and signature brown rind. The cheese is known for its strong and smooth—yet not overbearing or salty— flavour, as well as its crumbly nature. It’s also a frequent award winner at international cheese competitions.

Kaltbach cave aged Le Gruyère in a variety of foods

Serve this cheese with fruits, scalloped potatoes, or atop salads. Or, like us, use it to absolutely reinvent your French onion soup! Pair it with dry white wines, bock beers or citrus-based drinks for the perfect finishing touch.

Nutritional Value
  • Water 36 g
  • Protein 27 g
  • Milk fat 32 g
  • Minerals 5 g
  • Joules 1645 kJ
  • Calories 398 kcal

How Kaltbach cave aged Le Gruyère is made

Kaltbach cave-aged Le Gruyère is produced with the finest in grass-fed milk or naturally dried hay, from Switzerland’s small dairy farms, by local farmers in the Le Gruyere AOP regionThe milk is transported a very short distance to the local dairies where the cheese masters hone their years of experience and accreditation to create these 35kg masterpieces. After 3 months from its date of production, the small dairies are visited by the Kaltbach cave masters who select, using a rigid testing model, only the highest scoring Le Gruyere cheese for maturation in the Kaltbach caves.

While the cheese is aging in the caves of Kaltbach it is monitored by cave masters who watch for appearance, taste and general quality. Only the best dairy is suitable for this long and careful ageing process. When the cheese master is content that the aged Le Gruyère has reached its full maturity—nutty and rich with a dark rind—it’s ready for your plate! #EatSwitzCheese