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September 5, 2017 Blog & News

Switzerland cheese: the latest superfood!

By EatSwitzCheesePR | Posted September 5, 2017

For years we’ve been filling our kitchens and cupboards with superfoods in order to improve our physical health. We’ve stocked-up on on kale, green tea and açaí berries in the hopes of living longer, healthier lives. And now researchers from the University of Korea in Seoul have released a study that says certain Switzerland cheeses hold their own amazing health benefits as well. That’s right—the natural cheese from Switzerland you buy in your grocery store may actually be a superfood!

Why is Switzerland cheese healthy?

The study shows that Switz cheeses such as Emmentaler contain a beneficial probiotic bacteria called propionibacterium freudenreichii. This bacteria is used during the cheeses’ fermentation and maturing process. It’s also what gives cheeses like Emmentaler “eyes” (holes) and helps develop that sweet, nutty flavour we all love!

What are the health benefits of Emmentaler?

The study shows that the bacteria holds a number of health perks, especially for people with injuries or long-term health concerns. It reduces inflammation to relieve joint and muscle pain, and increases your body’s immune system to help fight disease and infection. The probiotic also helps reduce the signs of ageing and can actually increase your lifespan!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, the University of Korea study has only been done on roundworms. However, researchers say the healthy benefits of natural Switzerland cheese are likely to apply to people as well.

You can find our Emmentaler cheese at retailers across Canada. Here are some locations in case you’re not sure where to start. Next time you’re picking a few things up from the grocery store, stop by the cheese counter and ask for their finest superfood: the mighty Emmentaler!